Friday, May 23, 2008

Works of Young Art

The World Awareness Children's Museum announced today that 38 young United States artists have been selected as winners in the 21st Annual 2008 International Youth Art Exchange. Their work will now become part of the Museum's permanent collection, which includes over 6,000 pieces of children's art from 66 countries.

This year's theme was "This I Believe." As part of the Museum's permanent collection, the students' art will be available for loan throughout the United States.

In total, over 400 works of children's art was received from 11 countries this year. International works will also be selected from this 400 for the permanent collection. The following United States artists won first place in their age categories.

First place winner in the Kindergarten to Grade 2 category is artist Kelly Chen, age 8, from the Sharron Art Center in Piscataway, NJ. Her piece entitled "Peace Around the World," is pictured at left.

First place winner in the 3rd to 5th Grade category is Rachel White, age 10, from St. Mary's School in Ticonderoga, NY. Her piece is entitled: "Save the Oceans!" shown at right.

First place winner in the 6th - 12th Grade cateogory is Emily Zirimis, age 16 from William Floyd High School in Mastic Beach, NY, with her piece "Dispersions of an Artist," shown at left.

To view works by all 38 winners, please visit the Museum's Art Exchange page on the website.

Now in its 21st consecutive year, the International Youth Art Exchange is a global art share and exhibition program. Every year students in different countries submit art. For every piece received from overseas, the Museum sends back a piece of the best art we receive from American schools. Art submitted from U.S. students is judged in April for awards and inclusion in the Museum's permanent collection. This year's judges were Douglas Durning, a mixed media artist and Nancy Knapik, a ceramic artist and director of Gallery 100 in Saratoga Springs.

About the Museum

The Museum's permanent collection includes over 6,000 works of children's art from 66 countries and a 3000-plus piece collection of international artifacts, textiles and clothing. International youth art exhibitions travel to schools, educational institutions, museums and public venues across the United States.

Exhibits currently on display include: "World Music" in Glens Falls, NY; "International Sports" in Oklahoma, "World Fashion" in Mastic Beach, NY, "House & Home" in Moscow, PA "Traditions" in Encinco, CA, "Ceremonies & Celebrations," in Lawrence, NY and "World Music and Dance" in Stamford, Ct. Exhibits are available for loan, nation-wide, to businesses, hospitals, offices, libraries, schools and other public venues.

Founded to plant seeds of tolerance in children, the Museum seeks to create concrete connections for children to world cultures, using art conceived through the eyes of children to promote peace and understanding among people of the world.

Located in Glens Falls, NY, the Museum offers educational outreach and interactive cultural arts programming for children, students and families. Currently undergoing a Capital Campaign for renovations on a new building at 89 Warren Street in Glens Falls, slated for opening in 2009, the Museum currently offers children's exhibits at offsite locations and outreach educational programs for schools and other institutions.

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