Monday, June 23, 2008

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Voices of the Heart Inc. Announces Nominations are being accepted for the 2008
“The Phillip H. Robert Humanitarian Award”

Voices of the Heart Inc. a NYS Office of Mental Health Peer Advocacy Agency is now accepting Nominations for “The Phillip H. Robert Humanitarian Award” from Individuals and Community Organizations and Groups.

The Purpose of this Award is to recognize any individual or group who best reflects the human qualities of our former colleague, peer and friend Phillip H. Robert. The qualities which the nominee must show is an unselfish concern in working and helping to improve the lives, development and wellbeing of individuals within their local or greater communities. Their contribution/s should parallel the mission of Voices of the Heart; which is to help people achieve autonomy, self-empowerment, respect and skills to exercise their rights and responsibilities of full citizenship.

Voices of the Heart Inc. is a not-for-profit support and advocacy organization exclusively formed by, operated by and concerned with people who have utilized/or need mental health services and supports. Voices of the Heart Inc. is funded by the NYS Office of Mental Health, NENY Regional Food Bank and private donations.

Award Criteria:
The nominee will have provided significant contribution, benefiting the lives of individuals or groups of individuals in ones community, or greater community. The nominee’s humanitarian service will have shown proven specific impact and results in improving the welfare/lives of other people or groups of people. The nominee’s service and work will have demonstrated unselfish commitment in caring and seeking to improve the lives of other people. The nominee’s work will show demonstrated commitment and proven action to the field of advocacy and his/her/their service and contribution/s will support the goal of self-empowerment for those served individuals and communities.

Award Eligibility:
The nominee’s actions must be marked by humanistic values and dedication to human
welfare. All Nominations may be accompanied by separate letters of support along with relevant documentation by the individual/group that is making a specific nomination.

Judging and Presentation:
All Nominations must be received at Voices of the Heart’s Inc. Administrative Office (contact information listed below) no later than Monday, August 18, 2008. The Award Committee will annually establish its review procedures. The Committee will present its recommendation to the Board of Voices of the Heart Inc., who will then make its final decision and will present the Award on Saturday, November 22, 2008 at its Annual Thanksgiving Volunteer Recognition Dinner.

To make and send you’re Nomination or for further information and/or questions please contact Voices of the Heart Inc. using the following

Voices of the Heart Inc.
C/O John D. Sullivan, Executive Director
Phillip H. Robert Humanitarian Award Committee
3043 State Rte. 4,
Suite #2
Hudson Falls, New York 12839

Phone: (518) 747-8404 ext. # 241

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