Sunday, July 27, 2008

"Lean Six Sigma"

ACC Center to Offer "Lean Six Sigma" Process Improvement Program for
Fall 2008

Adirondack Community College's Center for Personal and
Professional Development will offer "Lean Six Sigma," an intensive and
comprehensive process improvement program designed to benefit both
service sector and manufacturing companies, for the Fall 2008 semester.

An informational session covering the Lean Six Sigma program
will be held on Thursday, Sept. 4., at 7 p.m. on the ACC campus.

The program consists of three courses - White Belt
Certification, Green Belt Certification, and Black Belt Certification -
designed to introduce and engage participants in the elements of Lean
and Six Sigma processes.

Companies and organizations that integrate these principles into
their process improvement programs have realized substantial savings in
terms of design, production, inventory and customer service costs.

Lean is a process designed to bring about rapid, dramatic
improvements in the performance of an organization through a
simplification of the value stream.

Six Sigma is a business-driven, multi-faceted approach to process
improvement, cost reduction, and increased profits.

"This program was offered at Monroe Community College in Rochester last fall, and the 46 companies which participated in the program saved over $14 million from the projects lead by Lean Six Sigma candidates," said Louis H. Buck, ACC's dean for personal and professional development. "We are confident this program can have a similar impact on companies and organizations in the greater Glens Falls area."

The White Belt Certification program is a 20-hour introductory
course designed to cover the basics of the Lean Six Sigma philosophy
and concepts. Classes are taught with small group interaction and
hands-on exercises. This program is directed at anyone interested in
learning the basic concepts and principles of Lean Six Sigma.

The Green Belt Certification program will teach participants how
to implement the features of both Lean and Six Sigma to help secure the
long-term competitive advantage of their respective companies and
organizations. This program consists of two weeks of classroom training
and follow-up projects involving the real-world application of newly
acquired skills and knowledge.

The Black Belt Certification program consists of four weeks of
classroom training and is designed for those who have developed a high
proficiency in Lean and Six Sigma philosophies, concepts and tools;
understand how the methodologies augment each other; and who are leaders
and change agents for their respective companies and organizations.

The program is taught by Transformation Partners Co., LLC. Anwar
El-Homsi, president of Transformation Partners, will be on hand at the
September 4 information session to answer questions about the program.

For more information on the Lean Six Sigma program, or to RSVP
for the information session, please call the ACC Center at 743-2238.

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