Saturday, January 17, 2009


Adirondack-size Inhalers Breathe Dramatic Life into Trampoline Design’s Newest Campaign

Trampoline Design went big with a campaign to boost asthma awareness for the North Country Asthma Coalition. Larger-than-life 3-foot inhalers have been positioned in high-profile locations throughout Warren, Washington, Hamilton, Franklin, Clinton and Essex Counties.

Trampoline Design developed the inhalers, along with Creatacor of Clifton Park, as a mechanism for capturing the attention of children and adults alike for what is literally a life or death issue. The Adirondacks present an incredible stage, with towering trees, street-side light poles, and North Country storefronts offering unexpected and high traffic perches for the inhalers, which feature a place for literature intended to be taken by passers-by.

3' inhaler on Route 4 in Hudson Falls Photo credit: Mike Sylvia

The campaign debuts on the heels of the attention grabbing print campaign, “Ease Your Wheeze!” The budget that had been earmarked entirely for print advertising was redistributed to allow the inhalers to complement traditional marketing. The combination of Dr. Suess inspired print ads and quirky, sci-fi movie scaled information vehicles demonstrate the agency’s trademark willingness to explore an unconventional approach to communication.

Example of the "Ease Your Wheeze!" print campaign.

"The reality is that organizations need to evolve their way of thinking, what might have worked even a year ago won't fly with today's audience. There is an expectation to have as-it-happens-access to news, with little tolerance for commercials and pop-up ads. Harnessing the power of a new tool, in this case the backdrop of day-to-day life, is a way to communicate our message before the audience realizes it," said Sean Magee, Principal of Brand Strategy for Trampoline Design.

Later this year the installation of additional inhalers, for a total of 36 will take place. The attached photograph was taken on the traffic circle in Hudson Falls. There is also a list of inhaler locations detailed below.

Inhaler Display Sites to Date:

Glens Falls YMCA
Wilsboro Adirondack Store
Hamilton Public Health
Warren Public Health
Warren Head Start- all 6 locations
Franklin Public Health
Glens Falls Home Therapy Equipment
Mary Dulap Tax Return of Elizabethtown
Clinton County & Franklin County Joint Council for Economic Opportunity (JCEO)]

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