Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Greens Falls

STEP IT UP 2007!

Glens Falls “The Building of a Cool City”

Sponsored by:

The City of Glens Falls
Barton Mines
Rock Hill Cafe
Unitarian Church


Where: Farmer's Market * City Park * Wood Theater * Aimie's Dinner And A Movie * Rock Hill Cafe

Purpose: To raise public awareness about Global Climate Change.


10:00 am Bike, Walk, Carpool to Farmers Market at South Street Pavilion

Information, displays and entertainment at the Farmers Market along with locally grown and made food and other products. Save energy that would be used transporting imported alternatives. Traveling to the market by foot or bicycle reduces your carbon footprint even further! Entertainment by Bill Campbell. Meet people who use their bikes to commute. Rick’s Bike Shop will show commuter bikes. Local food and snacks, solar oven cooking, biodiesel info-samples. Also, get to know the Toyota Prius hybrid.

11:30 am Entertainment by C.E. Skidmore at City Park (Bay & Maple Streets)

Fun Activities for Children organized by Joy McCoola and National Honors Society

12:00 Noon Rally for the Planet at City Park

Representatives from the Sierra Club will introduce the Cool Cities program. Mayor Roy Akins will sign the U.S. Mayor’s Climate Protection Agreement. Commuter-biker David Legg will describe his positive experiences traveling by bike in Glens Falls. Kirsten Gillibrand’s representative, Lisa Manzi, will describe the Congresswoman’s efforts in regards to climate change. A group photo will be taken to relay to Washington. On the way to the Wood theater, stop out front to see the Natural Gas Honda!

1:00 pm – 5:00 pm Presentations and Exhibitors at Wood Theater (207 Glen Street)

1:00 pm Keynote Speaker, author James Howard Kunstler – The Long Emergency (Surviving the Converging Catastrophes of the 21st Century). Jim Kunstler will also be signing copies of "The Long Emergency" and his other books in the theater lobby following his presentation at the Red Fox Books table.

2:15 pm Barton Mines video presentation on Green Building

2:30 pm Green Builders/NYSERDA Presentation

3:00 pm GroSolar’s Carbon Challenge - How solar energy works in your home

4:00 pm Seth Jacobs - Local Agriculture as Part of the Solution to Global Climate Change

Wood Theater Exhibitors: GroSolar, Green Builders, Glens Falls Electric, Community Energy, Thermal Associates, NYSERDA, Cornell Cooperative Extension/Agricultural Stewardship Association.

5:45 pm Premiere of “The Eleventh Hour” (Leonardo DiCaprio's Directorial Debut)

Aimie's Dinner & A Movie 190 Glen Street (518) 792-8181 Reservations suggested.

7:30 pm “Live N' Local” Premieres at Rock Hill Cafe with FREE Local Bread!

“Live n' Local” will happen every Saturday Night at 7:30 pm. Rock Hill is going to establish a venue for original music and an audience who appreciates it. Local food and local musicians. Three Dimensional Figures, a great local jazz/jam and techno trio will be their first guests. No Cover Charge!

Contacts: Matt Funiciello Judy V White Ruth Lamb 761-6125

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